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Blue? Or yellow door? Small changes to help sell your property!


Blue? Or yellow door? Small changes to help sell your property!


Selling and moving can be fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful, but Arnold & Phillips are here to give you the best advice throughout your journey.

So if you are getting your house ready to sell, below are some simple tricks of the trade which may help your property stand out. From cleaning and staging to making your front door pop, here are our top tips before you sell your home:

1. What do people see first?

The outside of course! Potential buyers can form their first impressions within seconds of looking at your property. So you may want to ask, “does my house have kerb appeal?”

Consider things like, sprucing up the garden with more greenery, painting the fence or house. These small changes can have a huge impact on how easy it is to sell your home.

2. Make your front door eye-catching!

Front doors can be a very important part of selling your property, but with so many choices what colour should you choose?

Go simple, or stand out with a bold choice?...

The best colour could depend on your property style, deep blues can often look particularly striking against red-brick Victorian properties but country cottages, pastel blues and greens are charming as they reflect the natural colours around you. If you are confused why not take a walk around your village and see what houses pop out to help you choose.

Top Tip: We recommend a glossy finish, as it gives an impression of luxury!

3. Highlight your home’s natural beauty, and declutter

When you declutter your home you allow the buyers to see the space they are getting, and it’s full, true value. The prospective buyers will be looking at the condition of the walls, doors, floor and more – you might make their viewing harder than it should be when you have them covered with personal belongings.

If you declutter then you allow the buyer to look at your home as a blank canvas and imagine themselves living in it, selling them a lifestyle and a dream.

4. Make your property feel homey and clean

Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in your property, so make sure your home feels comfortable and clean. Don’t worry about baking bread, just create a comfy atmosphere by sprucing up furniture or some simple room accents like candles, or fresh flowers on the dining room table. The little touches really do matter.

5. Fix the small things

You may question what buyers want… A fixer upper or somewhere that has had a little work?

It does depend on the applicant, but it will always help to make your home look as inviting as possible. So get around to doing those odd jobs, replace broken windows, repair the roof tiles if necessary, and change any dated light fixtures.

Or simply spruce your house with cosmetic touches, like giving your carpets a clean, and freshening up walls with some natural toned paint; which will make it feel light and airy.

So now you’ve spruced up your home, we’ll do the rest!

Our company's photographic and video presentation has distinguished us and in turn, enabled us to sell more properties in less time, by capturing the natural beauty of your home.

Best of luck and happy moving, we can’t wait to see what you do with the place!


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