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Published: Sep 21, 2021

Simple Changes To Up Your House Value!

It’s a question we and other estate agents get asked a lot - “How can I increase the value of my home?” - well look no further we can help! Arnold & Phillips have been trading for over ten years and have a wealth of local market knowledge, here are some of our top tips to up your market value and achieve your asking price.

Arnold & Phillips Take Home 9 GetAgent Top Performer Awards!

Arnold & Phillips Take Home 9 GetAgent Top Performer Awards!

One of the most exciting parts of our job is hearing from offices that have continued to achieve success, especially when we know that they work incredibly hard.  We are very pleased to...

One of the most exciting parts of our job is hearing that our offices have continued to achieve success, especially when we know that they work incredibly hard. 

We are very pleased to announce today that Arnold & Phillips Estate Agents have won 9 GetAgent Top Performer Awards in Chorley (PR6, PR7, PR25, PR26), Ormskirk (L31, L39, L40), and Southport (PR8, PR9).

These awards would not be possible without the trust of our clients.

We strive for bespoke client service and these awards are confirmation that we’re on the right track!

About The GetAgents Top Performer Awards

These awards are based solely on our performance. Through the use of a proprietary algorithm, the GetAgent site collates property data directly from the Land Registry, Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket to compare the performance of different agents. This information is then shown to homeowners to help them find the very best  in their local area. 

Underpinning the Top performer awards are GetAgent’s 3 core performance metrics:

  • Percentage of the original asking price achieved
  • Average sale time
  • The number of properties listed in the past 6 months.

Based on a combination of these 3 metrics, If an agent falls within the top 20th percentile of agents in a given area, they are classified by GetAgent as being Top performers.

It is based on this that Arnold & Phillips are currently Top Performers in PR6, PR7, PR25, PR26, L31, L39, L40, PR8 and PR9 across our 3 branches! Based purely on performance, these awards demonstrate our commitment to provide our clients with top-of-the-line service. 

Client Testimonials for Arnold & Phillips Estate Agents

“I have had a fantastic experience with Arnold and Phillips. Each member of the team have been very friendly, responsive and helpful.”

“Changed my perception of Estate Agents! Every interaction has been professional, yet jovial. A contactable, dependable and efficient estate agent, awash with local people who know the area.”

“We could not be any happier with the service provided from all the team at Arnold and Phillips, very professional from start to finish. We have bought and sold with them and we would definitely use Arnold and Phillips again.”

About Arnold & Phillips - Award-Winning Estate Agents

Throughout Arnold & Phillip’s ten years we have become a recognised estate agent in the North West. 

Founded in the UK in 2010, by David and Emma Arnold, Arnold & Phillips has become one of the leading property agents in the North West. The business set out to be a different kind of Estate Agency committed to putting service first and creating a unique approach with every client and their property.

From the moment the doors opened the commitment to go that extra mile for all clients and customers has enabled us to maintain a strong presence in what is a highly competitive industry

The commitment to service, unique application of communications technology, and  individual style of marketing are why they have been awarded Top Performers in Chorley, Ormskirk, and Southport. Thank you for trusting and supporting our vision.

Our services:

  • Letting Management
  • Professional Photography
  • Aerial 4K Imagery
  • High Definition Videos
  • Home Staging
  • Professional and Personal Service
  • Assist our sellers to find their next home

Contact us today for a free property valuation, or try our instant online valuation. Get in touch with your local branch if you have any property questions, we’d love to be of assistance.

Ormskirk Water Tower - Historic Property Turned Modern Luxury

Ormskirk Water Tower - Historic Property Turned Modern Luxury

Old water towers are something of a familiar sight, effusing an air of mystery and a sense of curiosity. Dotting the skylines of towns and cities across the country, abandoned towers can become...

Your chance to own a local piece of history plus a unique, dream home.

Old water towers are something of a familiar sight, effusing an air of mystery and a sense of curiosity. Dotting the skylines of towns and cities across the country, abandoned towers can become derelict eyesores once they cease to be useful - their historic and cultural value often preventing them from being torn down. The creative owners of the old water tower that used to serve Ormskirk Hospital, however, have transformed the property into two stunning homes that you could own, allowing Ormskirk to retain its historic tower in an interesting, innovative, and productive way.

Learn more about the development of these two luxury properties below!


The water tower is a well-known landmark of Ormskirk and can be seen from miles away on a clear day. Designed by Liverpool architects Culshaw & Sumners in 1839 to provide water to the Poor Law Union workhouse which became Ormskirk Hospital in the 1950s, it was originally built in the 1850s by Wigan ironfounders Swift & House Ltd. Over the course of its 140-year working life, the tower was essential to the running and heating of the workhouse, and later hospital, as recently as the 1980s and 1990s.



Taller than most of the buildings around it, the tower provides stunning views as far as Blackpool and the Cumbrian Hills - captured perfectly by our drone operator and photographer.


Our client acquired the building in 2011 with the intention of breathing a new lease of life into this stunning structure. Repurposed as luxury apartments, topped by the original cast-iron water tank which forms the third level of the uppermost home, The Water Tower is of particular architectural interest due to its original features including, side projectile pipes, arched windows, and original iron beams. Complete with private parking, a serene fenced garden, an elevator serving the upper Apartment, and a spacious 1053 - 1144 square feet of living, these apartments offer a chance to inhabit your own personal slice of history while living in comfort and security.



These apartments have already gained a lot of buzz and it's easy to understand why. The Tower won the Conversion Category of the West Lancashire Design Awards in 2019 proving that it serves as a fantastic example of how innovative and inspired architecture can really re-vitalise and transform a period property.


We spoke to Mike and Nicky Jones of CJ Developments, who took on the mammoth task of transforming The Water Tower alongside their business partner John Crooks:


Q. What was it about The Water Tower that inspired you?

It was a real Grand Designs moment really… We went out one day to buy a sofa and came back with the idea to buy The Water Tower instead! We didn’t set out to take on a regeneration project but when we drove past The Water Tower we immediately saw its potential, and it stuck in our minds until we, along with our business partner John, decided to take the leap.

It was not all about financial gain with these homes - water towers around the UK so often become dilapidated and ignored, and we wanted to help breathe some life into this historic part of the town and enable the Tower to last for hundreds of years to come. We wanted to be able to create a property that would be restored sympathetically, and respectfully, something that would fit with and complement the skyline of Ormskirk.



Q. What did you retain? How sympathetic were you when designing?

When we started the project we invited some local Ormskirk Historians to the property to take a tour and discuss its prior use within the community. We wanted to learn as much as possible about the site so that we could be truly sympathetic to the structure and really encapsulate and retain the industrial feel of the building.

We could have done things a lot cheaper, but we thought that it was important to ensure the longevity of those stand-out features - for instance, the original arched windows were all made using hand cut bricks, and we chose to restore each unit using bespoke frames and glazing. This took longer to fit, but the windows are now some of our favourite parts of the Tower and helped to retain the Victorian grandeur of the property.

If you take a walk around the property you will notice that we have kept original features, such as the water valve outside of Apartment Two. We also found original sandstone masonry which we have repurposed to form part of the seating area in the garden - these may have even pre-dated the original construction of The Water Tower.


Q. What is your favourite feature of the property?

Well the cast iron tank itself of course stands out; you can see the base internally on the top floor of the uppermost apartment. The tank also stands out against the skyline of Ormskirk, as it has done for nearly 200 years.

That being said, we’re also incredibly proud of the bright living spaces. The majority of the rooms have windows from two aspects allowing beautiful natural light. The windows combined with the height of the property also mean that, on a sunny day, you can look out to Blackpool and see the Blackpool Tower. Even during the winter months you can enjoy the snowy vistas of the Cumbrian Hills, and Bonfire Night is truly a spectacle to behold!


Q. Did the people of Ormskirk support the project?

We had so much support on this project and we wanted to keep the local community as engaged as possible - The Water Tower is an important part of Ormskirk’s history and we wanted to honour that.

We worked with as many local businesses as possible, and they each brought enthusiasm and insight when transforming the space. Our team of people and businesses were all incredibly helpful as we had not taken on a task like this before. From architect Matt Wood, to the steel fabricators Touchline Fabrications Ltd, everybody seemed to love the character and the potential of the old building, and it quickly became a project of passion for everyone involved.

We have since invited neighbours to view the property so that they can appreciate the work and care that has gone into it, and we have even been recognised by the local council who awarded us with a West Lancashire Design Award in 2019.


Q. Mike, would you consider a similar project in the future?

I’m not sure about Nicky or John, but I think it could be on the horizon. This project was definitely a learning curve, and I’m not afraid to say that it took longer than I first expected! Even so, the Tower has been well worth the time devoted to it. Who else can say that they had the privilege to own and care for such a unique and historic build as this?



Why not take a 360° tour of these amazing flats!

360 Tour here


View apartment one           

View apartment two 



Room By Room Guide: Stage Your Home W/ Molly Marshall

Room By Room Guide: Stage Your Home W/ Molly Marshall

Looking to stage your home but don’t know where to start? Get more Molly Marshall tips & tricks that will make your home stand out on the market! 

Loved the first video in our home staging series? Get an in depth look at how to stage your home in this room by room guide. 

Get some amazing tips so your house will sparkle on the market! 


Staging Open Plan Living/ Kitchen Area

Open plan living can be confusing to style, but Molly shows us how to define your living areas and ways to avoid clutter and make the most of your home when staging. 


Molly tells us, it’s all about the accessories, using velvets and textures can make a home look luxurious, we especially love the tips on using feather pillows over polyester...

What tips will you use in your home?


How To Stage Your Bedrooms

A few simple adjustments to your bedroom can transform the area and create a luxurious setting that people will dream about living in! 


Molly shares that pops of colours are a great way to make a property stand out, especially using colours that tie in with surrounding nature. In this property she used greens and natural tones, what colours would you love to use?


Need More Tips - Get Molly’s Top Five! 



It’s amazing how well these tips and tricks can really transform your space. If you’re planning to sell your home and need help staging, don’t hesitate to call Molly! Find Her Here

Head over to our social media channels and let us know which tips you will be using, find us on Facebook and Instagram


Missed out on our first blog, read now! 
Home Staging & How to Sell Your House W/ Molly Marshall

Home Staging & How to Sell Your House W/ Molly Marshall

Getting your property ready to sell can be both exciting and stressful - with all the bustle of getting ready to move decorating and styling can often be the last thing on your mind… We...

We spoke to Molly Marshall who takes all the stress away with her expert Home Staging. We followed her at the beautiful Wybourne Gate, Southport in the first video in our Home Staging series.

Keep scrolling for the full blog.



Want to learn more about Molly’s process? Read the full interview below 

We sat down with Molly for a chat after she had staged Wybourne Gate to find out about what is the process of staging a home and what to consider when coming on the market.


Q. How did you get started in Home Staging Molly?

I got started in home staging when I was approaching 50. I had worked in radio all my life, and I decided I want to do something completely different. 

Q. Many get confused between Home Staging and Interior Design, tell us what is the difference?

There absolutely is a big difference in home staging and interior design. They are actually at opposite ends of the spectrum. An interior designer will spend a lot of time with you talking about the way you live the way you spend time in a property, they might do mood boards for you and their aim will be to make an aesthetically pleasing property for you to live in. 

Staging is all about preparing a property to sell. It is a marketing tool, nothing else. The aim of staging is to get your property sold quickly for the best price possible.


Q. You have worked with us on many projects, how do you find working with A&P?

Arnold & Phillips employ professional photographers and videographers, which is really important, plus, great for me as it allows you to capture the detail I have put in when staging. 

I reached out to A&P when David Arnold came to value my property, I took the opportunity to pitch my business to him over the kitchen table and he was great. He said that he understood and that presentation was really important and so we decided to work alongside each other. 


Q. What is your favourite style of property to work on?

I love working on any property!  I can see huge positives in any home I walk into, whether it be £50,000, or 5 million, I can always see the positives. I get a buzz from making homes look lovely.


Q. What is your process when staging a home? 

There are different types of staging, it can either be a property that's completely empty, which is a blank canvas, which is really easy for me to do. 

Or, the more difficult stages are when people actually live in the property and then it's a case of walking around every room and advising on how best to present that room. The biggest hurdle to overcome is clutter. We all have too much stuff and clutter is not good. 

I always say to people, this is the first stage now, start packing up, take your photographs down and things that aren't essential. It's the first stage of moving on, which will make your property look clear and tidy.


Q. How many rooms would you typically stage?

If it's an empty property, I will say that you need to stage a minimum of one bedroom and living area.

If people are working to a tight budget, we try to work with what they have with added touches. I always over deliver because I want the property to look nice. It might be the case that I say to people, I will put some fabulous mirrors, some lamps, and some nice new cushions and throws. So, replace what they've got with my items that will make a difference.


Q. Is it all about the furniture or do you incorporate smells? They say baking bread sells a home…

One of the biggest turn offs for people when they come into a house is smells. So I always say put nice diffusers around, it doesn't have to be freshly baked bread or brewed coffee.


Q. How have you seen the property market change over the years?

Since the birth of the internet, what you have to remember is that marketing and your photographs is your shop window. They have to look as good as they possibly can, you only get one chance to make a first impression. 

They say that people decide if they like your home or they don't, within the first minute of walking through the front door. So get it ready and go in with a bang, not with a whimper - make it look as good as you possibly can and if you need help give me a call!  


Find out more about Molly here


Molly’s Top Tips


Looking to get on the market? 

Get in touch with your local branch and enquire about a no fee valuation or send us an enquiry here
First Time Buyers, How A 95% Mortgage Could Help You

First Time Buyers, How A 95% Mortgage Could Help You

First-time buyers with small deposits may now find it easier to get a mortgage, with 90% and 95% deals becoming easier to access. But how will this help you?...

First-time buyers with small deposits may now find it easier to get a mortgage, with 90% and 95% deals becoming easier to access. The government recently announced a return of the 95% mortgage in order to help turn ‘generation rent’ into ‘generation buy’. But how will this help you?...

Nine in ten 90% and 95% mortgages were withdrawn from the market in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak last spring, says Which.  

A year later, things are starting to look better for first time buyers, with mortgage lenders bringing back 90%, and a selection re-introducing the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme.


What is the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme, and how can it help?

95% mortgages, allow you to enter the market with only a 5% mortgage, making it easier for first time buyers with small deposits. 

The scheme has been encouraged by governments to turn “generation rent, into generation buy”, and as a result the scheme involves the government taking on some of the financial risk e.g. If a buyer was to default on repayments. 

The guarantee has so far been successful, with 78 fixed rate 95%* deals now available to the market, at the start of March there were only five. 


How much can I borrow with a low-deposit mortgage? 

It is important to look at how much you can borrow, not only so you can enter the market with a price point in mind, but so you don’t look at properties and fall in love with those beyond your means. 

When taking a 90 or 95% mortgage you can usually* borrow up to four and a half time your income (or joint income). Although, there are exceptions with some lenders. 


All in all, we can see that the market is getting better for first time buyers and this is an exciting time to start getting your foot on the ladder. If you want to take advantage of the schemes pop us a call today! 

Still a little confused?  Call your local branch and we can help you find a mortgage advisor!

Helpful Information For First Time Buyers

Why We Love Southport - Take A Tour Today

Why We Love Southport - Take A Tour Today

Discover what makes Southport an idyllic place to live with Heather… From award winning golf courses to golden coasts we want to show you our Southport highlights.

With award-winning beaches, peaceful woodland and views out to the serene Irish Sea, Southport is truly the picture-perfect place to live, if you want to learn more about Southport why not take a tour with Heather and discover what Southport has to offer.


 If you think Southport could be for you, why not take a look at some of our amazing properties in the area - here are just a few of our favourites! 

Our Southport Branch’s Top Picks

 Lulworth Road, Birkdale


This well-presented two-bedroom duplex apartment is sure to be popular, it is located attractively within this gorgeous Victorian apartment complex along Lulworth Road in Birkdale, Southport. 


If you like this we also have another apartment in the building here


Ash Street, Southport

Extending to a generous 2,278 square foot off modern yet traditional living accommodation residing within a good sized plot with four bedrooms along the popular and well-situated Ash street, internal inspection is highly advised to fully appreciate all this vibrant property has to offer.



Guinea Hall Close, Banks


Located on an attractive corner plot in this pleasant 20-year-old Redrow development in Banks, West Lancs. With off-road parking for two vehicles and a well-manicured front garden, this modern property is ideally situated within the attractive village of banks and is within close proximity to highly regarded local schools, with the property also benefiting from particularly good transport and commuter links into Southport, Preston and beyond. 



Preston New Road, Churchtown


‘The Sycamores’ - a substantial detached residence located within Churchtown, Southport. This versatile property is the epitome of modern grandeur, from the beautiful entrance hallway with its magnificent oak and glass staircase. This home has so much to love, like, breathtaking open plan family room, stunning feature log burner and exquisite bar area, featuring a stunning state of the art designer kitchen, this property exudes contemporary elegance



Coming soon… Keep an eye out for

Guinea Hall Mews - Banks 

 Keep an eye out for a new property coming on Guinea Hall Mews, Banks, this one is sure to be popular! This Four bedroom townhouse has ample space and so much potential for growing families. 

Why not register with us for new property listings here 

or call us for more information on 01704 778 668 


Why choose Southport?

Our Regional Manager David Moorcroft tells us why...



I have lived in the Southport area for many years and enjoy the beautiful variety of parks and family friendly restaurants. Me and my family love nothing better than having a weekend stroll with the dogs in the parks or beach - It truly is an idyllic place.

Having lived in the town for many years, I am proud to sell in the area and know it well, which helps me find the perfect home for you! 

There is a home for all in Southport, so if you are looking for a coastal cottage, historic build or modern apartment our Southport Branch would be happy to help whether buying or selling…

Get in touch on 01704 778 668.”

Video Tour: Why We Love West Lancashire

Video Tour: Why We Love West Lancashire

We are passionate about the areas we cover and we want you to see what makes West Lancashire a place you can call home. We chose a couple of stand out areas. West Lancashire is a nature lover's...

West Lancashire is a nature lover's dream, with green belt land, homes off the beaten track as well as beautiful properties embedded in busy market towns that are full of history. 

Take a tour with Heather and discover all West Lancs has to offer


From Ormskirk to Aughton, West Lancashire has so much to offer. 


Our Ormskirk Branch’s Top Picks

92 New Street, Halsall

Set on a large plot in highly desirable Halsall village is this fabulous, six bedroom, detached former farmhouse. The property affords 3265 square feet of sublime family living space to include a detached outbuilding which would be perfect for conversion to a home office. 

More here

4 Moss Delph, Ormskirk 

Located along the much sought after Moss Delph Lane in Aughton, this detached home is pleasantly positioned comfortably back from the road and residing within a generous plot. This one is perfect for growing families with four bedrooms with a well flowing floorplan.

More here

Oak Cottage on Dark Lane, Aughton

The home's elegant grandeur marries perfectly with its fine surroundings, and displays a wealth of period features and a finish of the highest standard... This home offers far more than the just the curb appeal afforded by its handsome facade, with a vast 3642 square feet of living accommodation and a truly impressive floor plan

More here


Keep an eye out for: The Water Tower


**360 virtual tour now available!** This gorgeous three bedroom top floor triplex apartment exudes character and style in equal measure, and simply must be viewed to appreciate not only the generous levels of space and magnificent views towards Blackpool and the Cumbrian hills, but also the thoughtful design, both of the interior of the property, but more generally, the development itself which has seen the renovation and restoration of one of Ormskirk’s landmark buildings ‘The Water Tower’ which was originally built around 1850 and boasts six storeys topped by the large metal water tank which forms the third level of this stunning home.

Apartment 1

Apartment 2


Coming soon

Keep an eye out for a new property coming on Altys Lane, Ormskirk, this one is sure to be popular! With three bedrooms and a potential loft room this family home has ample space and so much potential..

Why choose Chorley? Discover from our Property Consultant Lisa!



“From day one, working in our Ormskirk branch was always about delivering something really special and knowing our area inside and out. 


My favourite area in particular is Burscough, particularly the amazing pubs by the side of the canal. On a sunny day it is a beautiful place to sit outside and look out over the beautiful surroundings with a glass of fizz in hand. There is a great atmosphere and it feels like home to me. 


If you would like to learn more about the area, give me a call! I have lived and worked in the area for many years and can help find the ideal place for you. 

Get in touch on 01695 570102.”




Why not register with us for new property listings here 

or call us for more information on 01695 570102


Could Chorley be the perfect home for you?

Could Chorley be the perfect home for you?

In recent months we have had a variety of new properties and an abundance of customers asking for whats new in the area... But why is Chorley proving so popular, find out more about the Chorley...

From the green hills of the Pennine Moors to the town centre, Chorley is a picturesque town which flows around the beautiful Leeds and Liverpool Canal with several locks and marinas located throughout the area. These amazing natural spots really do make Chorley the ‘green and pleasant land’.

Take a tour with us today! 


This former mill town has transformed into a bustling town centre with a variety of independent shops, well-known national stores and entertainment venues. Chorley’s residents can also enjoy easy access to Preston, Manchester, Wigan, and Southport. 

The crown jewel of the town which attracts many is the Flat Iron Market which has been established for hundreds of years and takes place every Tuesday with a wide range of market stalls, which still remain at the heart of the town. 

Although, the markets are not the only draw, with a new cinema complex, mini golf and an abundance of dinner and cocktail bars in the town centre - chorley has become a perfect town for all ages. 


Our Chorley Top Picks

Bolton Road 

Being one of only two identical homes, an exciting opportunity has arisen to acquire this brand new Freehold four bed detached residence which has just been completed and is available for immediate occupation with the benefit of no onward chain. 

Click here for more


Park Royal Court 


This well-presented mid-town house spans in excess of 880 square feet and boasts an extremely flexible floorplan which offers an abundance of options of use for the growing family, it has bright living areas and high-quality fixtures and fittings.

Click here for more


Winslow Place


This elegant, detached home occupies an enviable position on this highly regarded new build development within easy reach of Chorley’s bustling town centre. Constructed by Miller Homes, a quality builder renowned for their attention to detail, high standards of finish and thoughtful design, this beautiful home exudes charm.

Click here for more


Springs Road 


Calling first time buyers, or for those looking to downsize, this three bed mid-terrace property could be for you. The home has been lovingly taken care of and is a credit to the current owners. In a desirable location with a beautiful garden and an ample driveway, the home is sure to be popular. 

Click here for more


Coming soon

Looking for something larger, or something you can put your own stamp on?

Discover a new home situated on the edge of Astley Park in the former grounds of Astley Hall in Chorley, this beautiful architecturally designed detached five bedroom family home offers impressive accommodation that could quite easily allow three families to live independently. 

Why not register with us for new property listings here 

or call us for more information on 01257 241173


Why choose Chorley? Discover from our Property Consultant Sharon!


“I have lived in Chorley all my life, and I wouldn't move anywhere else! The people are friendly and there is definitely a sense of community. I have never had any trouble commuting either being just a stone's throw from motorway links. 

Plus when I feel like getting away from the town, there are so many green spaces and parks, but my favourite spot is rivington, which is perfect for long walks, plus the views are amazing!”

Being from the Chorley area, and bringing on new properties everyday allows me to keep on the lookout for your ideal property. 

Would you like to register your interest, give me a call and we can keep on the lookout for your perfect place… Get in touch on 01257 241173.”






Take a look at our current Chorley stock.

Why Banks, Southport might be the area to buy into right now...

Why Banks, Southport might be the area to buy into right now...

In recent months we have had plenty of houses come to market with us in the Banks area, and we have seen each one get a large amount of interest. With more and more interest and new homes being...

In recent months we have had plenty of houses come to market with us in the Banks area, and we have seen each one get a large amount of interest. With more and more interest and new homes being brought on with A&P we wanted to take a look at what makes this West Lancs area so desirable?

Situated on the West Lancashire Coastal Plain, this quaint village attracts walkers and cyclists in with its scenic settings, but the beauty point of the village is the 150-year-old St Stephens Church. St Stephens Church holds many festivals including the Banks Flower Show for residents to enjoy each year.

With a small selection of wine bars and shops, this village is picturesque and peaceful.

Banks is ideal for those looking for a rural haven with excellent transport links for working professionals to Southport, Formby, Crosby, Bootle, Liverpool and Preston.

Looking for properties in the area? Find out what we have currently on the market below. 


Currently for sale!

Long Lane, Banks

Amazing views, beautiful land and leisure facilities  |  Long Lane, Banks

Set within a generous 3.6 acre plot, this substantial family home spans in excess of 4,100 square foot of prime living accommodation over three floors, including seven bedrooms, four reception rooms, a swimming pool and extensive workshops!

On the market £799,000


Long Lane, Banks

Spacious and unique family home   |  Long Lane, Banks

This well-proportioned family home is conveniently located close to a range of local amenities. With its unique and spacious floor plan, internal inspection is highly advised and early viewing will be essential to avoid disappointment.

Offers in the Region Of £205,000


Plus, more properties on our website!


Keep an eye out, luxury Banks property coming to market soon…


Keep an eye out! Coming soon to the Arnold and Phillips website is a luxury equestrian property situated in three acres of prestigious West Lancashire countryside.   

The new property is a flexible family home, with plenty of outdoor spaces, including a triple garage, annexe and office space, with an exemplary fit and finish. It is sure to be snapped up soon. Video tour coming next week!

Want to learn more about this superb property?  Please get in contact with the Regional Manager, David Moorcroft.

Email or Call 01704 778 668

 View all Banks properties here 




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