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How much is my house worth?


How much is my house worth?


Setting the right asking price is a key element in selling your property, but do you know how much your home is actually worth?

Getting your figures correct can often be as much about feel as it is facts - although you certainly shouldn’t neglect doing the necessary research when selling your home!

The first few weeks of any property sale are key, so it’s vital that your home is listed correctly from the start if you want to gain that all important flurry of initial interest. Going too high and you’ll struggle to get people through the door, but go too low and you could potentially leave money on the table. Balance is essential.

Find out how we get the best figure for your property from one of our expert valuers David Moorcroft.


David Moorcroft - Regional Manager.

With over 10 years of property sales experience and management across multiple sectors, I thoroughly enjoy valuing all kinds of properties and am committed to providing you with a tailored and first-rate bespoke service throughout your sales journey. My role is to provide you with relevant, concise and considered advice which will help you to make an informed decision when selling your property.

  • What are the top factors you look at when valuing a home?

Some key factors we look at when appraising a property is the size of the property in question – there is a value to how big or small the property is.

Comparable properties – what has sold close by, was it similar and how much did that property achieve?

Interior fit and finish – how much has been put into the property and how much would the prospective new owner need to consider spending?

Finally, seller motivation plays a large role in establishing an initial market price. How keen a seller is to sell can impact whether a property comes to market at, under, or above market value.

All these variables, along with many others, are all accessed on a market appraisal and a figure is derived taking the above into consideration.

  • What can I do to get my property ready for market?

There are many things to consider here, from interior fit and finish to exterior curb appeal. Having a property in its peak condition should lend itself better to a more productive sales process. Finishing off odd DIY jobs around the property helps. Presenting a clean, uncluttered property helps show the proportions of your home in its best light. Displaying a good neutral level of decorative finish throughout also helps the potential buyer visualise themselves in your property. Having somebody feel at home in your home is often a challenge, but one that can really help attract a potential buyer.

Some handy tips & trips to consider on a viewing:

Keep internal doors open as it presents a better flow to your property.

Keep it clean, fresh and well lit. Modern interior decoration can go a long way, we suggest neutral palettes.

Homely touches such as fresh flowers, vibrant fruit bowls and non-scented candles burning can be a great tool in allowing the viewer to relax and enjoy the property.

What do you most enjoy about your property? Chances are, they will see value in this also. Have a nice log burning fire – light it! Recently installed ambient lighting – Turn them on! This is the time to show your home off in its best light! 

  • How is the housing market currently?

The housing market is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in activity across all sectors. The reasons for this, incorporating the current economic and political climate, stamp duty land tax holiday, influx of new properties to market and excellent interest rates on mortgages at present.

There has never been a better time to sell a property and Arnold & Phillips are highly adept at maximising our percentage to asking price on properties across the board.

  • Is a reduction in price a bad thing?

Whilst nobody initially brings a property to market with a view to reducing their price, this is sometimes a necessary tool in boosting the marketing and saleability of your property, after a period of marketing inactivity or feedback from viewers.

A reduction in price is almost the same as a new instruction to market and enables us to match it out to prospective buyers and shows your motivation to sell. Our responsibility and commitment to you is to price your property accurately the first time, every time. A considered and objective market appraisal will enable your property to perform to its best capabilities.


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