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Should I put my house on the market at Christmas?


Should I put my house on the market at Christmas?


It’s a question we get asked a lot over the festive period… 

“Should I wait or come off the market over Christmas?”


Christmas and new year is a time for new beginnings, as well as families cramped in the dining room wishing it was that bit bigger… With a busy house mixed with wanting to start fresh in January, the housing market can be seen to pick up, and have more online visitors than normal.

This year we hope the online interest will be no different. We have already seen many crave a move after working from home for many months, and the new year may just set their property journey in motion...

It's unlikely that if you put your house on the market you will get a rush of viewings between Christmas and New Year, but we do see that rightmove previews and website registrations typically do climb during the festive/ new year period. Whatever the reason, there is a lot of traffic online from Christmas day onwards. 

Staying on the market at this point may just help you get seen by that serious buyer you need. Although, if you are among those that come on in December you can also stand out as being among the newest stock on popular property sites. 

While it may seem like a busy period to put your property on the market, it could boost your sales prospects by making the best use of the increased online traffic. This could help you reach out to more people and secure plenty of viewings/ enquiries once January rolls around. 

Plus with our expert property consultants we can take the stress out of the process for you, and get 2021 off to a great start!


Top tip from A&P - Try and minimise photos with decorations

While there may be plenty of interest from potential buyers over the festive season, you may still be on the market come January. So If you’re planning on marketing your house over Christmas you may want to consider taking photos before you put the decorations up. If you are concerned about winter imagery our professional photographers will capture the beauty of your house whether in winter or spring!


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