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Room By Room Guide: Stage Your Home W/ Molly Marshall


Room By Room Guide: Stage Your Home W/ Molly Marshall


Loved the first video in our home staging series? Get an in depth look at how to stage your home in this room by room guide. 

Get some amazing tips so your house will sparkle on the market! 


Staging Open Plan Living/ Kitchen Area

Open plan living can be confusing to style, but Molly shows us how to define your living areas and ways to avoid clutter and make the most of your home when staging. 


Molly tells us, it’s all about the accessories, using velvets and textures can make a home look luxurious, we especially love the tips on using feather pillows over polyester...

What tips will you use in your home?


How To Stage Your Bedrooms

A few simple adjustments to your bedroom can transform the area and create a luxurious setting that people will dream about living in! 


Molly shares that pops of colours are a great way to make a property stand out, especially using colours that tie in with surrounding nature. In this property she used greens and natural tones, what colours would you love to use?


Need More Tips - Get Molly’s Top Five! 



It’s amazing how well these tips and tricks can really transform your space. If you’re planning to sell your home and need help staging, don’t hesitate to call Molly! Find Her Here

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